Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Embarrass Carding Mill Field Trip

Fifteen members of the Pine Needle Quilter's went on a field trip to the Embarrass Carding Mill in Embarrass, Wisconsin.  Some of the services they offer are washing and carding of used wool and polyester batts, washing and carding of raw wool, new polyester and wool batts, as well as a full comforter service including hand tieing of your quilts.  Check out the link above to see their full line of services and price lists.

First raw wool, or used quilt batts are brought in and washed.  It is a tedious looking process to clean the raw wool, as the straw, manure and sand must be removed.  A special mixture of cleaners is used, as the lanolin must be removed from the wool as well.  For every 2 pounds of raw wool brought in, 1 pound is lost in the cleaning process.

Nate is carding polyester fibers through the machine. The poly or wool fibers are laid on a bed of the machine, and then begin the process of going through the rollers, which are covered with small metal teeth.

Here you see the fibers are beginning to progress through the rollers.

This carding machine is about 105 years old.  It came from the New York area by train, and then came the rest of the way from Clintonville by horse and wagon.

Again, you can see the progression of the fibers.

As if by magic the fibers are fluffed and bonded together to make the polyester quilt batt.

Nate removes the batt from the large roller at the back of the carding machine.

Andrea straightens the fluffy batt on a table behind the carding machine.
Thank you to Andrea and Nate for showing us the carding process.  It certainly was interesting!  We are fortunate to have this unique business located close to our area.
After leaving the carding mill we headed for Pinery Patches in Tigerton.  Members made purchases, and happily headed back to the town hall for an afternoon of sewing.  What a fun day.  Thank you to Deanna for organizing this fun field trip, and to the ladies who drove.

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  1. Thank you for being "good girls" on the "field trip". Maybe we can find somewhere else to go sometime. It was a fun day. Deanna