Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilt Show & Raffle Quilt Winner

Raffle Quilt Winner Linda W. from Lakewood
Today I had the pleasure of delivering our beautiful raffle quilt "Autumn Beauty" to it's new owner.  Linda was so pleased and excited to win the quilt, and complimented the group on making such a beauty.  Thank you to Sheila for heading up the raffle quilt and for everyone who worked on it, it was a magnificent part of our show!
Our President, Deanna wants to say a big "Thank You"! to all of you who worked so hard to make our Autumn Harvest Quilt Show so wonderful.  She would also like you to please pass on a big thank you to all of your family members and friends who helped in anyway with our show.  It is nice to have so many hands helping to do all of that work. 
The following is a list of Viewer's Choice and Vendor's Choice recipients at out show.  I had wanted to post them with pictures, but am still waiting for some of those, so I thought I would just do the listing for now.  Hopefully I will be able to gather the rest of the pictures and I am still missing one of the Vendor's Choice Ribbon recipients, if anybody knows??
2012 Autumn Harvest Quilt Show Awards

Bed Quilts - Viewer's Choice
Best of Show-Laurie S. (Amethyst Fanflowers)
1st Place-Leah G. (Cristy Brook Log Cabin)
2nd Place-Janet R. (Experiment With Applique)
2nd Place-Karen V. (Blue Sky & Sunshine In Amish Country)
3rd Place-Kathy S. (Hexagon Magic)
H.M.-Kathy S.(Bethlehem Star)
H.M.-Deb B.(Autumn Trails)

Wall Hangings/Table Runners/Apparel-Viewer's Choice
1st Place-Ruth K. (Bird Sanctuary)
2nd Place-Carole H. (Over the River & Through the Woods)
3rd Place-Deb B. (Mexican Star)
3rd Place-Kathy K. (Tisket A Tasket)
H.M.-Joann S. (Northwood's Memories)
H.M.-Deanna T. (Autumn Kept)

Vendor's Choice Ribbons
Kathy S.-Bethlehem Star
Kathy S.-Amy's Stars
Kathy S.-Hexagon Magic
Laurie S.-Amethyst Fanflowers
Laurie S. -Kaleidoscope
Deb B.-Mexican Star
Deb B.-Jewels of Autumn
Sheila H.-Cathedral Windows
Laurel D.-Barns Quilt
Carol R.-Daisies In the Cabin
Donna L.-Mexican Stars
Sheila H.-Kaleidoscope

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  1. the missing ribbon is my Kaleidoscope. Sheila Hixon