Monday, August 8, 2011

Aprons Everywhere

You all know that for our September meeting we are all to bring in our aprons, vintage and new ones as well.  Aprons have really made a come back as of late....have they ever gone out of style?  Not at my house anyways, I do love my aprons.  In the past I had been compared to June Cleaver from "Leave It To Beaver", but I didn't let that bother me!  I am wearing my apron even as I write this entry...REALLY I am!
If you are looking for some free patterns for making an apron check out these 24 free apron patterns at Tip Junkie. There you will find links to these cute aprons.  I especially like the clothes pin apron.  I think that would be a handy one to have when I am hanging out my my house the clothes line hasn't gone out of style either.
The other day I was traveling around and stopped at Jeri's Quilt Patch in Norway, Michigan, and much to my delight she had a display of all of her vintage aprons in her classroom space.  If you get up that way, it would be fun to take a peek at those.  She also had a lot of nice sales, and does an online business as well.
My sister told me that there is even The Apron Museum at Iuka, Mississippi!  Who would think that the apron could be so popular!  It will be fun to see all of the aprons at our September meeting!


  1. After seeing this sight and hering about everyone and their aprons, September should be quite a meeting. Can't wait to see them all. Deanna

  2. I will be wearing my apron I made in 7th grade, don't LOL at it. Can't wait it should be fun.