Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sewing Session Reminder

At our last meeting Barb S. did a demonstration on this fun little purse.  Barb will be offering assistance to anyone who would like to make this purse at our sewing session on Monday, August 1.

The purse design has a very clever way of putting in the zipper.  Once the zipper is in, all of the zipper and fabric edge will be neatly enclosed by fabric!

Barb explains the purse construction to Sue.

If you are planning to come to the sewing session to work on this fun purse, please bring the following supplies:
Your regular sewing supplies and sewing machine.
3 fat quaters, OR scraps as follows:
Same Fabric: one 8 x10 back bottom & one 8 x 5 front
Next fabric:  one 8 x 15 front bottom & one8 x 13 for pocket
Lining and batting: 8 x 10 of each
One purse strap 2 x 42 (or if using fat quaters cut two 2 x 22 pieces)
One coordinating nylon zipper at least 12 inches long

See you there!

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