Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Quilters on the Road, Quilters at Home, Quilters Everywhere

Here is a very interesting article about the Vacilando Quilting Company which operates out of an airstream trailer.  Laura Preston and her husband travel the United States in their Airstream, both working out of it and somewhere along the way, Laura decided to learn to quilt.  The article tells about how the American landscapes influence her designs and how she manages to run a business and make quilts out of a 200 square foot home.  Makes me want to become a nomad.

Lily's Quilts is a company out of the UK.  She has a good deal of quilty news and information on her site and blog.  She has some very interesting and differently named patterns on her tutorials. The ET Phone Home quilt block is nice and the chubby and fat Dresdens and the Big Little George.  Actually, I liked them all.

Christa Quilts has posted a lot of pictures from the Las Vegas quilt show. She also has a group of tutorials to take a look at.

Let's hope it continues to warm up more.  I saw some green grass in my yard!

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