Thursday, February 9, 2017

So Many Choices!

Ever had trouble choosing fabric for your next quilt?  Have you ever made a quilt and it doesn't have the "spark" you'd hoped for?  It could have been the choices in fabrics.  There are a lot of videos out there to help with your decisions .

You can't go wrong with Fons and Porter. Mary Fons has a good video regarding fabric choice.  Erica Arndt tells us all about precuts and choosing fabrics.  Precuts are a great way to add a lot of fabric choices to your stash without buying a lot of yardage.

On Point goes to a quilt store and shows you how to do it their way.  A shop can be overwhelming with all the thousands of fabric and they show you how to narrow it down.  Heather Thomas from National Quilter's Circle has a very hands on way to pick fabric, I found it very useful.  Here she shows us how to pick an accent color.

Donna Lynn Thomas has her own way to make scrap quilts.  They sure turn out beautiful.  I love Edtya Sitar and she shares her way of getting the fabrics for her lovely quilts.

There are a lot more ideas about fabrics out there so I hope this gets you thinking about your next choices for your upcoming project.  Enjoy this day of choices!

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