Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Sewing

One of my favorite things in the world is to get up early, make coffee and sit in my sewing room and its especially good on Saturdays.  Later in the day PBS has Sewing with Nancy and Quilting Arts on, both great programs.  It makes me feel glad to have such a rewarding pastime, I feel bad for those who don't Quilt!!

Let's Quilt Something offers a lot of beautiful free patterns.  I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this blog before but it's worth a second visit for sure.  I really enjoyed following her blog and seeing what she's been up to.

My Fabric Relish is a pretty place to visit and check out her tutorials.  I really like the card holder and the tree skirt.  I enjoyed seeing her tops go from unfinished to lovely quilts.  The butterfly quilt is most lovely.

Shiny Happy World looks like a great place to shop.  Once you're there, you must look at all the cute free applique patterns.  Love the "Sloth Love".  I really liked how she offered these free courses on applique so if you need some help, sign up.  How about Quilt As You Go?  Loved the look of the Big Stitches and Patchy Patchwork too.  And if you sign up she will send you 5 free patterns which are her favorites.  So be busy today and don't let February depress you!

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