Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Quilter

It's half time of the Super Bowl and not really watching it anyway so on to some important stuff...quilting.  Amy from Sew Incredibly Crazy and Thermoweb have created a cute Valentine inspired table topper.  I liked the unusual shape and the words on this project.  If you go back to Amy's blog you'll see a nice BOM called Sun, Sand and Sea which you can download on Craftsy for free for a month and then a small fee if you miss it.  I'm looking forward to seeing blocks.  There is also last years blog hop and quilt which is really sweet.  It is called In the Garden and has links to all the blocks.  We all need new projects!  Right.

Quiltscapes is a nice blog with a lot of binding information on it.  Curves, miters, irregular shapes are all covered in her tutorials.  I also saw some good techniques for gingham embroidery ( highly underrated) and chicken scratch embroidery.  The cute bird pincushion is one that I have personally made and its sweet and uses up small scraps.  I think I must make a Monster coloring bag too.  The list of tutorials is extensive.  If you like visual learning, here are the videos.  So Quiltscapes is a great place to visit.

I was watching an Eleanor Burns video and she said last year was the 100th anniversary of the Ruby McKim publication of her first pattern.  Old timer quilters will remember her books and patterns.  In honor of that, Seacoast Quilter was doing a sampler based on some of her patterns.  Here is the link to her patterns for that sampler.  If you don't have Ruby McKim's 101 Patterns, I have seen it on Ebay for reasonable bids.  I have also tried to post Eleanor's video about her so hope it shows up.  Enjoy.

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