Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Westering Women and Their Stories

At our February meeting I had asked for help with decorating for our quilt show.  Part of the decorating idea was to have 8 or so focus areas throughout the quilt show to do small displays on a part of the West.  Some ideas could revolve around how it was for women who lived in the old West days.  Perhaps it could be how it was for the women who lived in the sod houses on the prairie, or those who made the long journey on the Oregon Trail...burying their family members along the way.  Somehow in these story display areas it would be nice to feature a quilt, or quilt block that goes with it such as "Kansas Dug Out"  or "Oregon Trail".
So, I am asking for help with this project....perhaps you would like to "adopt" a decorating area at the show, please let me know, I will have a sign up sheet at our next meeting where you can state your idea as well, so that we don't duplicate.
With that in mind, Deb B. had mentioned that she had found a site featuring a new block each month called Westering Women.  You can also follow it on Pinterest if you are into that.  While you are looking around there are a lot of other things to find as well, especially if you are interested in Civil War Quilts.
Here I also found some free pioneer quilt patterns.  Lots of inspiration to be found!
Thanks for your help with decorating our show and bringing some "stories" into our show!

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