Friday, February 19, 2016

Home Is Where the Heart Is

When the weather is cold and the wind has been nipping on your body, there's no better place than your own snug home, all toasty with a chair that fits your bottom  and a nice hot drink waiting for you.  Our houses are important and are the inspiration for many projects including the house quilt blocks.
I found a blog which I believe is Dutch, and she makes many, many little house blocks and she starts with a stamp to make the house components. Building House from Scratch has a lot of sweet scrappy house ideas.

Craftsy has a great tutorial on making houses and I like the nice clean lines of this pattern.

 Quiltmaker has the very sweetest 3" houses, I can see many small scraps going into this little cuties.

Bloomin Workshop has a wonderful manor house block for all your Downton Abbey fans. You too can be lady of the "manor".

Retro Mama has a little cottage home with rick-rack trim.

Here is a pin from Quilt Nut Creations that shows a beautiful finished house quilt with applique.

Natalie Ross In Stitches has some photos of good applique and embellishing ideas to add to applique houses.  They are very cute and inspiring, I really like the wonky wobbly house.  Hope you like the house ideas to put on your bucket list.   Diana

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