Friday, January 15, 2016

Eleanor Burns Fun

Are you going to be sitting around this weekend watching NCIS reruns?  Gets a little old but there are alternatives.  Eleanor Burns has a wonderful bed turning on youtube that is loaded with vintage quilts and their stories.  Also, she gives us a load of information about our first "star" quilt designers.  You can find this here.  There is a bit of a pause before the video starts at the beginning so be patient, she will come on.
Have a great weekend.  Diana


  1. Tried to connect with all of you at the meeting Monday but no one was at the community center :(

  2. Who is unknown that left a comment? I'm sorry that you didn't get the message that because of the cold, it was cancelled. Laurie and I were out of town so we wouldn't be there but I'm sure sorry that you didn't receive an email or phone call. Let me know who you are.