Monday, April 6, 2015

Craftsy Classes

The snow and sleet of today may have us in a depressed state so it's time try out something new.  Have you ever taken classes at Craftsy?  It's a site with all sorts of classes to take online.  You don't have to travel or get out in the cold to take a class and that's so convenient.  Here is a link to a free mini class on making bags.  Here is a link for a Machine Savy class.  There are many free classes available and a huge variety of classes to pay for.  If you're interested in quilting, sewing, knitting or crocheting, jewelry making, etc. they have classes for it.  I have tried out a few of the classes and been very happy with them.

Take a look around their site and enjoy.  Diana

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  1. First of all, SO GOOD to see something posted on our Blog. I still look at it
    often. Yes, that Craftsy is a neat site and go on it often and get their
    emails. Many classes to choose from.
    Thanks for posting that for everyone.