Monday, May 19, 2014

Form Available for the Quilt Show Entries

This year we have a different form available for the entries into our fall show.  It's in the testing phase now but you should be able to go to the form link, fill out the form online, submit it and I receive it electronically and then it goes onto a spread sheet.  Sounds too good to be true but I'm willing to try anything to make it easier for all of us this year.
The link is 2014 Quilt Show Form.  You should put your information in and hit the submit button and that's that.  There is also a permanently available link to this form on the Quilt Show Information Page in the heading of our blog.  Go down past the information about the Hanging Sleeves and there is a link to the form available for your use.
I'm not sure if you can print the form before you send it, experiment with that and let me know.  If you keep a copy then you know what quilts you entered into the show and won't forget to bring them or repeat them as entries.
I will also bring paper forms for those who don't have access to the internet and then they can make additional copies.
I apologize for not posting anything for a while but I had more flu and colds than I could handle this winter and I'm just catching up on a lot of things in life and work.  See everyone tonight at the meeting. Diana

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