Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stay Warm and Sew

I didn't used to like fat quarters.  What could I do with them anyway?  Now I love fat quarters and have about two big baskets full of them just waiting for me. Here is a link to 10 Ways to Cut a Fat Quarter presented by U Create. Now if that don't inspire you to look at your fat quarters.

I've been visiting quilting blogs from other countries and loved this Italian blog called Appunti Patch .  You can use the translate button on this blog and understand most of it.  The scenery and photos she uses are so lovely and watch some of the slideshows that revolve as you go down the page.  I'm struck at how similar we all act and look as we get into our quilting, no matter where we live.  Right about now, I'd love to be sitting with these quilting ladies and making some blocks.  It's a lot warmer...

A lovely quilt called Sentimentalities is here at Going Home to Roost.  Such beautiful pattern and fabrics.  Here is the pdf for it. It is offered by Art Gallery Fabrics which is where the fabric in this quilt came from. I think I've featured them on our blog before but worth a second visit and third for sure.  They have video, patterns, tips, you will be here a long time.

Do you have binding to do?  Tonight would be a good time to sit under your quilt and bind, don't you think?  Diana

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