Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quilts to Oklahoma Tornado Victims Delivered

The 11 quilts made by guild members have been delivered to Oklahoma to victims of tornados that happened earlier this spring.
We had some difficulty with the photos, so unfortunately I am only able to post one for you to see.
Thank you to those who helped with this project.  I am sure your kindness will bring comfort to those who face such loss.


  1. That is so wonderful for the ladies who made quilts for OK - you deserve a hand.

  2. We were one of the families that were blessed with one of the quilts. We wanted to tell you how thankful we were to be lucky enough to receive one. It is on our bed as we speak, we were enough more excited to get one from somone in Wisconsin since we are BIG GREEN BAY PACKER fans Go Pack. Thanks so much for doing this for us you will never know how much we appreciate your work and prayers. God Bless you
    RG and Pam Hart, Moore Oklahoma