Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pop-Up Books

Members enjoyed a very creative and lively demonstration by Deb S. on pop up books!
It was a so nice to have Leah's niece with us showing us her wonderful books.

Deb showed us the complex nature of some pop up books, and one wonderful thing being that they must be made by hand, machines are not capable of assembling.  We also got to see some altered books that she has made.

The most interesting book was one 
 based around a poem that was written for Deb's granddaughter...regarding the construction of a sandwich, and the interruptions that happened between the sandwich layers!
Here you see some of the pop up sandwich layers

Each pop up section of the poem was stored in cute little pockets.
And then stored in a long row of pockets that then roll up into a sweet bundle of verse!

We so enjoyed this wonderful demonstration, as well as the enthusiastic lady behind it!

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