Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Story of Patty Paducah

The following fun story was submitted by Maggie, and you will begin to get a feel for how she was inspired to challenge our guild to decorate bras to bring awareness to breast cancer and the importance of regular check ups.
Thank you Maggie!

The Story of Patty Paduch

On our recent bus trip to Paducah for the AQS quilt show, Sandy and I had the pleasure of meeting one of Paducah’s great representatives. Anyone who has gone there knows that the residents of Paducah are some of the friendliest people on earth. They are always asking visitors, “Where y’all from?, Are y’all havin’ a good time?” One day we both had a need for a bar burger. When we explained to some people what a bar burger was, they directed us to Fat Moe’s on 9th and Broadway. As always, the few people in there, wanted to know how we were doing. One of these people was a short and fair resident. The bartender introduced her to us as Patty Paducah.

And as with everyone there, she wanted to know about us. We laughed and told her about the Pine Needle Quilters from Mountain, Wisconsin and all that we give back to the community. The more she heard, the more she wanted to meet the guild members. As we were leaving, she asked if she could come with us, meet the guild and join in the fun. Sandy and I could not pass up this opportunity. So along with us she came. (By the way the burger was great.)

As we walked back to the downtown area, we passed several shops. Patty saw one of her friends and introduced us.

Miss Blackwood, listened to her story and wished she could come along to Wisconsin.

Sandy, Patty and I then got on the trolley to go back to the AQS bus stop. On the trolley was one of the “Red Coats”. These volunteers work throughout the city to see that visitors are enjoying themselves.

Turns out Patty and she were old friends.

Next stop was the AQS Bus Stop for our trip back to the hotel.

Here she is watching our bags while we waited for the orange flagged bus. Everywhere we went people wanted to hear our story and Patty, Sandy and I were ready with the info.

After an exhausting day of sightseeing and buying fabric we spent the night talking about our day. We also plotted a surprise for our guild President. Deanna adores Eleanor Burns, so having her come breakfast seemed like a good idea. Patty was willing to help out. The next morning Patty was wearing an Eleanor mask and asked Deanna for her autograph at breakfast, and here’s the proof.

Soon it was time for us to head back to Wisconsin. We all piled on to Lou Ann’s bus for the 12 hour ride home. Patty sat in the back and kept us company. We even tried teaching her Cribbage to make the time go faster.

When we finally got to Pulaski, Patty helped make sure everyone got the right luggage.

Patty and Sheila seemed to be getting on just fine or were they up to something?

All in all she has turned out to be a great joy. She also has offered to do something special for the guild. Patty showed us a book of bras that had been decorated by another guild. The decorations were done for Breast Cancer Awareness. As we told her about our October quilt show, she reminded us that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From there on it was “What if…”

What if we challenged each other to decorate bras? And then voted for the best design. Then in October we could have the best bras on display at the quilt show. Patty even offered to model the winning bra.

Patty reminded us of all the people we know that have been touched by this disease. Our little display may just touch a visitor to the show and encourage her to get a mammogram or a checkup.

Submitted by Maggie

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  1. What a wonderful background story on Patty. She will be a great addition to the guild.