Friday, March 16, 2012

February Show and Tell

 Show and Tell was inspiring as usual at our meeting.  I think I have incomplete paperwork on some of these quilts so please excuse if descriptions are kinda mixed up or even from the wrong month!  Thats how many pictures I've got on the camera right now.  The quilts above and below are made by Janet .  The top is a soldier quilt and the other is from a class I believe and is wonderful, hand quilted too.
 This one is by Maggie  I believe, as I can only see the top of her head!  It is a soldier quilt.
 This is a community service quilt.  Really beautiful.
 This is Peg's Mile a Minute quilt for a soldier.
 Peg's I Spy quilts that she does in circles are just wonderful and a great idea.
 Malea is obsessed with wool at the moment (her words) and has made a couple beautiful wool creations.
 This is Susan's awesome tree skirt, the colors are just great.
 I think this is from another show and tell as Carol has a different shirt on?  Or did she change in the middle of the meeting?   Only kidding...I have it loaded so I'm showing it.  I think Joannie made it and correct me if I'm wrong.  (I just looked back at older posts and this quilt is from November show and tell but I'm still leaving it in.  We need some brightness and cheerful colors this time of year.)
This is Sue's beautiful "Jenny" quilt which she struggled over and sewed into submission and I think she did a great job. 
If I missed someone this month, please email me a photo and I apologize for the photos being a little mixed up


  1. Our guild has some talented ladies, some beautiful quilts and wallhangings.

  2. Great show N tell, can't wait to get back miss all U gals
    See ya soon Sheila