Saturday, December 17, 2011

UGLY Sweaters

Our Christmas party sure was a fun time wasn't it?  You know one thing that I love about this group is that you are all such a fun loving bunch of ladies.  As you all know as part of this years "event" we asked members to come to the party in an ugly sweater.....and wow, did you find some dandies! 
I want to apologize to you, as my computer had again been in the shop and I continue to be having problems....please hang in there with me while I get these "bugs" worked out!
Deanna and gals at the Halloween....oops! I mean Christmas party!

Oh deer Sandy....and "Maggie Pearl" with price price tag attached!

Danica Patrick?.....oh, I guess that is Diana with the Nascar look.....and Judy with yarn balls still attached!

Sheila all aglow.....

Peg taking fight? I bet if she stood on her head, she would resemble a sunrise??

Butt ugly.....

Lots of ugly sweaters all gathered together for the gift exchange.
Again thanks for the fun night!


  1. It was so much fun looking at all the ugly sweaters. Good thing we didn't have to vote. The party was so much fun!! Thanks to all who planned.

  2. Thanks for the great time all was had at our party. Our officers work so hard to keep us all happy. Sheila