Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Memory Challenge

This years challenge was the Christmas Memory Challenge. The 12 quilted challenge items were revealed at our Christmas Party.  They are always such a fun and inspiring bunch of quilts.  You are such a bunch of creative ladies!

This years 1st Place winner was Joan.  Her memory was of a time when they would have to go up North for Christmas, and how would Santa know how to find them? A ribbon was placed so Santa would be able to find the way. Congratulations Joanie!

Karen was 2nd Place with her wall quilt.  Her memory was of a time when they had lost her home to a fire, and they had built a new home to move into....a LARGE tree was "borrowed" from the neighbors property.  The neighbor said that was ok, and to have a wonderful Christmas.

There was a tie for 3rd Place, one going to Judy.  Her memory was of her baby that was due on Dec. she had made a sock with a teddy bear in it while she was waiting for the baby to be born.  The baby was late, and the teddy was then called Pokey....Her "baby" is now going to be a grandfather!

Terri was also a 3rd Place winner.  Her quilt is a memory of all the Charlie Brown trees they had as a child.  She still prefers the "natural" tree!

Sheila received Honorable Mention for her wall quilt dipicting a Christmas time wedding proposal,and a trip to Las Vegas.

Laurie also received Honorable Mention for her quilt about getting the family Christmas tree.

Carol's quilt was about her family, Christmas past, present and future, as her family is her most important thing.

Here is a close up of  Carol's section reserved for "future" memories.

Rhoda based her quilt on music, as that was a big part of her families Christmas programs, caroling and the family playing and singing together.  Can you guess the carols her quilt depicts?

Joann's quilt is about how it was Santa's job to decorate the tree.  Cookies were left for Santa, and in the morning the chair was tipped over and the plate broken...Santa left a note saying the cookies were good, and sorry I broke the plate!

Deanna's quilt brings back memories of baking cookies with her Grandmother, and leaving cookies and milk out for Santa....oh, there he is flying past the window!

Toni made her first challenge quilt this year, she has memories of the cherries on the wire that used to be around at Christmas time.

Barb S. memory was about her grandparents, and the times she spent there as a child.  She remembers that the girls all got handkerchiefs for gifts one year.

As you can see, a lot of thought went into these challenges.  They are all wonderful!  Remember to please save your "stories", so we can display them with your quilted item at our quilt show next fall.
I tried to remember the stories you told as best as I could, and apologize if I got anyones wrong.


  1. Congratulations to all of the gals making the
    Challenge Quilts. All were beautiful. We have
    so much talent in our group.........
    Also, thanks to the gals who did everything to
    make our Christmas party such a fun evening.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  2. The 12 challenges were wonderful, so hard to pick a favorite. The Christmas party was so much fun and their were some ugly sweaters.
    Merry Christmas everyone!