Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blue Nickel Studios Quilt Uberfest

Scott from Blue Nickel Studios has started a Block A Day Quilt Uberfest that started October 1 so its not too late to start and catch up.  His quilt will feature 16 bloggers who will design and feature a block each day.  There is a Uberfest button on the right of his blog which will take you to a list of each blogger that is contributing a block.  Looks like fun and its great to visit these bloggers too.

While you're at Scott's blog, please check out all his projects and take a look at his quilts, I think the colors are great.

I thought I'd point you towards some of the first bloggers in this quilt.  The first block is from "Quilt Dad", John Adams.  He has a fun blog and certainly enjoys his quilting.

The second block is from Kaye Prince at Miss Prints and she has a very detailed set of instructions for her block.  Also, check out her tutorials, some nice things going on there.

Karen Linton doesn't have a blog for her block but Scott back at the Blue Nickel is featuring hers on his blog.

Konda Luckau from Moose on the Porch  is the next block and she also has a website called Moose Quilts.

The fifth block is from Amy Lobsinger of Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts and she's got some crazy pretty quilts on her blog and a nice block too.  Check out her tutorials.

I hope you enjoyed checking out these bloggers and their wonderful contributions to quilting.   Diana


  1. What a neat site and what a great easy quilt
    that will be.........Not sure how you find all
    of these things, but I sure do enjoy everyone
    of them. Keep them coming.
    Thanks. Evie

  2. aren't you the sweetest! sharing all about Quilt-Uberfest...thanks!!