Thursday, September 8, 2011

September is National Sewing Month

Where has the summer gone?  We've had a frost already and the days are shorter, maybe some time coming up for sewing and quilting.  September is National Sewing Month which was enacted by President Reagan.  There are many nice sites out  there with ideas just for this month.  There is an official website, National Sewing Month , that has some cute free projects.  Check out the really cute pansy pins made with zippers! They are having a contest through September 30 so you might want to submit some creations.

FavCrafts:Blog has a contest too and each day this month you go back to the blog and they will feature a new project.  Some cute ideas.  There is a really huge site called All Free Sewing and they have just a lot of projects for kids, teens, pets, home dec, Christmas, the list goes on and on.   I only checked a small amount so far but like many sites, one site leads to another and pretty soon your off somewhere.  That's how I ended up on a site that featured felted sweaters on one of their posts and I know a lot of you like to use recycled sweaters.  It's called ThreadBangers and there was a lot of cute ideas along with kinda weird but all worth looking at or getting a chuckle over. 

Hope those who made it to the Madison Expo show are having fun and that our contestants are proud of their entries as they should be!  Take care.  Diana

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