Saturday, February 26, 2011


If you're into making purses or little pouches, here is a place to get zippers in almost any color and at a great price.  You could go together on buying a big lot and divide them up and they end up at .40 or .45.  Pretty good buy.
What are you sewing this weekend? 


  1. My Children and Grandkids are here in Florida visiting this past week so I didn't get any sewing done this week. Now alone again I'm working on a patchwork sampler by Lori Smith, it has 51 blocks, one 16", eight 12", and fourty-two 6" I have all the 16&12 done and 24 of the 6" so I'm moving right along. So far this winter I have 3 veterans quilt pieced, 2 wall quilts, 2 queens tops that were UFO's only needed to put the blocks together. I have been having a great time I've even drifted some idea's for my Christmas challage.
    happy quilting in Florida
    Sheila H

  2. Wow, Sheila has been busy. Finished a BOM that should have been done probably 6 months ago. But haven't had time to sew this weekend. Hopefully tomorrow.

  3. Oh, my! You gals are so busy. I have been trying to use up strips by making some log cabin blocks. One set is done but doing a set of court house stairs too. This is my first try at them and they are fun, don't know why I haven't tried them before.