Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ribbons for Panama City Quilter

  When I am not enjoying the company of the Pine Needle Quilters, I belong to Saint Andew Bay Quilters' Guild here in Panama City, FL.  Each February the guild has a members only juried quilt show at St. Andrew's Episcopal church, where we also meet monthly.  The quilts entered must have been completed in the past 2 years.  It is a small show due to the limits of space.  This year 95 quilts were hung and they filled all the area. 
As all of you know, it is a group effort to put on a show.  Quilts were entered in the following categories:
 (1) Bed Size Quilts (a) made by one person, (b) made by two persons
 (2) Group Quilt  (Any quilt which 3 or more people worked on the construction or finishing.)
 (3) Wall Size Quilt (a) small wall quilt no larger than 160" total made by one person, (b) small wall quilt made by 2 persons, (c) large wall quilt larger than 160" made by one  person,  (d) large wall quilt made by 2 persons
 (4) Art/Innovative...must be entrant's own design or original interpretation and cannot exist in a commercial pattern
 (5) one person, measure less than 24" per side, must be a small version of a full sized quilt or wall hanging
 (6) Other...quilts not using 3 layers such as Grandmother's Flower Garden, Cathedral Window, Crazy Quilt. Whole Cloth quilts also fall into this category.
We took our quilts to be entered to the church on Tuesday.  A group received them and saw that they matched the registration form for each quilt that was due in January.  Wednesday the judge spent the day studying each quilt with 12 of us assisting.  On Thursday yet another group hung the show and it was open to the public Friday and Saturday.
At 4 PM on Saturday a group took the show down and returned the quilts to the rightful owner.
We are fortunate to have the space available to us most of the week.  Other years much has been done in members' homes.
If you ever have an opportunity to enter a juried show, it is interesting.  The judge is looking at each quilt and making comments while a scribe writes down everything she says.  When the show is over you get the sheet of comments she made about your quilt.  Better yet, if you ever get an opportunity to work with the judge, do it.  It is unbelievable that a dozen women can spend a day without talking, except for lunch time and then you cannot discuss the quilts!  You do learn so much in the listening to her make her comments.
This year I was able to enter 3 quilts.  Two of them were in the Pine Needle Quilters show in the fall.  I'm delighted to say I received 3 ribbons; a third on one quilt and an honorable mention and Judge's Choice on another.
 Submitted by Lois in Florida
Congratulations to Lois for her win and for sharing her quilts.


  1. Congratulations Lois, You do the Pine Needle Quilters proud. Deanna

  2. Congratulations Lois, on placing with all 3 quilts. Your article was very interesting.