Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reminders for February Meeting

We wanted to post a few reminders for the February meeting, if the weather cooperates with us!  We will be doing the UFO final show and tell and then the drawing for the fatquarters, so please, anyone who needs to turn in fatquarters, do so. 
We are also having the "pin cushion challenge" this month so bring in your pin cushions to be voted on and also bring in any interesting cushions that you might have collected.  We'd love to have a huge amount of them to share. 
There will be a nominating committee formed for this year's elections, yes, it is that time again.  So be prepared to be asked to be a officer, think about it and what you might have to contribute to our group.  There are a lot of organized and talented ladies in our group and we need you. 
Regarding our quilts for the wounded, Laurie says there is backing available now for quilts that you may be working on.  You can pick some up at our meeting or sewing sessions, just have your specific measurements ready, not just a twin size or lap or whatever, that means a whole lot of different things to different people.  The bolt is 45" wide so figure out your yardage ahead of time and it will happily be cut for you!!!
If the weather does get as bad as they say it might, please try and check the blog for meeting cancellation notices and also Peg will try and get out a mass email regarding this if we do have to cancel.  Please think good thoughts as we did not have a January meeting and December was a lot of eating and drinking and foolish games....which was all very good for us of course.  Now back to business. 

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