Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lunch Meeting before Sewing Session

For the sewing session March 7
 Anyone who would like to meet us at WatersEdge for a sandwich at NOON is invited to do so.  From there we will be on our way to the hall for our sewing session.  If possible please e-mail of call Deanna so I can leave the owner know an approximate number.
For the sewing session May 2 we will try a soup and salad supper.  If you care to work with a few people to make a soup or salad would be great.  Different ones have been bringing up these ideas to try something new.  The ladies love to stay and work on their projects so we'll keep them nourished to finish them up!
We will see how these 2 different times will work before we proceed with ideas for others. The plates/bowls/forks/spoons/napkins will always be provided by the guild.  Just bring your own beverage. 
Questions on anything can be directed to Deanna

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