Monday, February 28, 2011

Lovely Pillowcase Obsession

I have been following Bee in My Bonnet blog for a while.  Recently, she has posted all these luscious pictures of her pillowcases that she has sewn and then added this really lovely crocheted edging.  This is so old fashioned looking yet so fresh because of the colors of her fabrics and her crocheting colors!  Yikes, I want to dig out my crochet hooks and get going.

She also tells where she learned the techniques on these pillowcases so I checked out the tutorials on You Go Girl.  She gives you very complete instructions including how to sew the pillowcase.  The complete tutorials are listed to the right side of her blog under On The Edge Tutorials.  After this seemingly long and endless winter, those pretty fabrics are a sight for sore eyes.  If you don't make any, at least enjoy all the color.

Speaking of weather and winter, will the weather cooperate today and let us have a meeting?  Lets hope so.  Please remember your pin cushions, also that this is the end of the UFO Club so please tell me at the meeting if you've finished all your ufo's if I don't have them marked down.  I try to keep track but sometimes I'm not told if they were part of this club or not.  Looking forward to tonight.

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