Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free eBooks and more on Cotton Prices

There is a great site called Sew Daily that you can subscribe to and they send you a daily sewing email if you wish.  Today they sent a free ebook with many nice things to make for your sewing room to help organize it, we all could use a little organization couldn't we, me for sure.  This is a link for a blog that tells you where to down load your eBook.  I just take things like this that I really like but can't sew right away and save them into a file on my computer.  Then as I wish, I can go back and look at these patterns and sew away.  This is an eleven page booklet that has cute pincushions, an organization bag that I really love with many compartments and much more.

Rhoda in Las Vegas recently sent me an article from her local paper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, with more information regarding the price of cotton.  According to this article, the price of clothing  is to soar 10% this year, with the largest rises in the second half of the year.  Due to the rise in cotton prices and world economic recovery, (are they sure?)other synthetic fabric prices have jumped roughly fifity percent as demand for alternatives rises.  I guess we better buy our socks and jeans now. They say there will be fewer choices in colors too.

Cotton prices are at an 150 year high rising to $1.90 a pound, just one cent more than it was in the previous record of $1.89 during the Civil War!  I think that explains the limited amount of quilts that remain from that time period and how precious those fabrics are.  So those ladies continued to make wonderful quilts under trying circumstances, I guess we can budget for what we can afford and still create.  Thank you Rhoda for sending that article.


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