Friday, February 18, 2011

Bloggers Who Giveaway

Have you ever entered giveaways on the many wonderful sewing blogs?  You should, these quilters and suppliers and designers give away such beautiful things.  Right now is a great one at Dye-Candy , a great place with fabrics dyed and jewelry made by a fellow Wisconsin blogger, Chris Daly.  Go check out her blog and leave a comment.  I love her jewelry pieces, I think I've seen them at shows, maybe by Sun Prairie or Madison?  Anyway, very nice offerings.
Here is another very sweet, free embroidery of tea cups at BusyAsCanBe .  Just sign up at her email list and she will forward you a nice file of the embroidery.  She also has tips on embroidering it on her blog.
As mentioned in a previous post, Esther Aliu has started her new BOM.  The first block looks lovely and today I see she posted a nice demonstration on the applique technique that she used to make this quilt.  Its worth checking it out just to see that. 
PS.  I did win an item on a blog giveaway, it was a beautifully handpainted card that came all the way from England.  Very sweet.   Happy quilting.   Diana


  1. Thanks for the mention Diana! You are doing a wonderful job with this blog. To all please do stop by for a chance to win. Wishing you lots of luck! Chris Daly - Dye Candy Fabrics

  2. Thanks Diana and Laurie........all of these websites are just ausome. Especially like BusyAsCanBe. So many neat things and ideas.
    I have spent SO much time on many of them. Also Esther Aliu is a great one.
    Keep them coming. Evie